Black Forest Playhouse

Custom Playhouse Blended Into the Forest

What a fun project this was and we are so honored to be a part of seeing this dream turned into a reality. We took our clients' napkin drawing and the vision of what they wanted, where they wanted it in the trees, and created a massive octagon shaped playhouse.


A Joy to Work on, a Joy to Play on

The overall goal was to make a custom playhouse that didn’t necessarily look like a kids playhouse and make it blend into the forest around it. This has bridges, a climbing net, swings, a rock wall, slides, and monkey bars. All of which we tried to blend aesthetically into the design of the playhouse and the trees around it. We had so much fun building this project and seeing the joy in both our kids and our clients' kids playing on it at the end made all the effort totally worth it!

"Attention to Detail is Amazing"

“We’ve spent lots of time on the playhouse and it’s INCREDIBLE! The attention to detail is amazing and so so appreciated!!!!! This is something that will hold so many memories for our family for years to come. We can’t thank you enough.”

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